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15 novembre 1981

dimanche 14 novembre 2010 ,par Didier Lestrade

Top 30 Best Selling Disco Chart

Lots of new entries there with that yummy "Flasback" by Imagination and around the bottom of the charts : Teena Marie (go girl), Mel Brooks (go Jewish King, go !) and G.Q, some crazy instrumental by K.I.D with that crazyfunky choon but Prince is leading the pack here with a major "Controversy".

1) THE FOUR TOPS : "When She Was My Girl"

Happy stuff

2) EARTH WIND & FIRE : "Let’s Groove"

So crisp !

3) IMAGINATION : "Flashback"

It was their 3rd megahit in a matter of months. Nothing could really stop them. And the songs kept betting better.

4) KOOL & THE GANG : "Steppin’ Out"

Some DJ’s say they’re corny and I never agreed on that, the guys are all about deep, solid happiness.

5) ?

6) ARTHUR ADAMS : "You Got The Floor"

It’s like, the best song I discovered again with these little charts from eons ago.

7) GEORGE BENSON : "Turn Your Love Around"

I wish I could give you an studio version of that beautiful song.

8) ROSE ROYCE : "R.R. Express"

Extravaganza !

9) LEVEL 42 : "Star Child"

Bastards, Youtube took away all the studio versions.

10) DUKE : "Mistery Girl"

Nice, dreamy jazzfunk.

11) SECOND IMAGE : "Can’t Keep Holding On"

A bit too busy for me.

12) LINX : "Can’"t Help Myself"

Linx doing their MJ thing !

13) MODERN ROMANCE : "Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosey"

You don’t wanna hear this : it’s like Talking Heads going Mexican.

14) INCOGNITO : "Northern London Boy"

Youtube, shame on ya. It’s been cancelled.

15) DIANA ROSS : "Why Do Fools Fall In Love"

Bad version of a beautifil song.

16) FREEEZ : "Anti-Freeez"

17) RANDY CRAWFORD : "Secret Combination"

God I love that sweet woman !!!!!!!!!!!! Look at her sing and hity those notes !

18) LIGHT OF THE WORLD : "Remixes" but I don’t remember which track

19) G.Q. : "Shake !"

Crazy fabby, can’t do no wrong chooner !

20) TEENA MARIE : "It Must Be Magic"

All the instruments are right at their place, it’s groovy and check the bass !!!!!!

21) BOB JAMES : "Sign Of The Times"

Still essential !

22) MEL BROOKS : "Its Good To Be The King"

Since when did you get a movie director in the disco charts ? The guy is genius.

23) K.I.D. : "Hupendi Muziki Wangu (Instru)

You can tell Larry Levan got crazy on this one.

24) PIGBAG : "Sunny day" (instru)

I never like it, sorry.

25) DIANA ROSS & LIONEL RICHIE : "Endless Love"

Grand, grand mega epic stuff.

26) SAVANNA : "I Can’t Turn Away"

Beautiful, it feeds my soul.

27) Zapp : "I Heard It Through The Gravevine"

The vocoder track that never dies in the charts.

28) PRINCE : "Controversy"

This was so HUGE when it went out ! The lyrics, the bubbly bass, the chorus, the bridge, a milestone classic by all standarts.

29) T-LIFE : "Something That You Do To Me"

So fabby and joyfull.

30) JUMPP : "Bouncy, Bouncy"

Raw, fast, boy stuff ! An obscure song that should be played nowadays.

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